Weihai Point Hotel & Golf Resort,
Located in the scenic nature.
Weihai, surrounded by the open seas and blue skies, is closer to mainland Korea Korean Peninsula than even Jeju Island. It takes only 45 minutes by a direct flight offered by Asiana airlines, and has been enjoying a recent attention as.

Weihai Point Hotel and Golf Resort, born the clear and fresh spirit of Weihai as well as its vibrant surroundings, is enveloped by the oceans on three sides, and enjoys the scenery including the Golden Rock Cliff. From the land, Weihai looks as though it is waving its arms to the ocean, and fro the ocean it looks like a giant dragon soaring into the heavens.

From the Golden Rock Cliff to the blue oceans, the golf course embedded in the beautiful nature and private villas and boutique hotels offer a world-class experience never found anywhere else.